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My name is Shamus Collins. My wife came across a blog entitled "Creative Journey" by an artist named Myrna Wacknov. There is a link on that blog to another blog Myrna has created entitled "Drawn to the Mirror" and this is my point of interest. Myrna has set forth to create 365 days of self portraits that began on Jan. 1st. Well I am starting a little after the first of the year but I am going to make the same goal for myself. This sounds like a fun and inspirational way to force creativity. Let the fun begin.

Monday, July 19, 2010

176/365 Beautiful me

Paint a picture of me. Paint whatever you want to see.
Is there a chance that i might be?
What colors will you use? What angle will you chose?
Will you create a new me? Or just a copy for all to see?
What person will i be, forever in my painted glory?

i tire from looking at me. Errors are all that i see.
Was there ever a chance that i could be?
The colors all look used. The paper screams it was abused.
Did i destroy the old? Or capture it in colors cold.
What person was i then? Forever in my painted skin.

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Amy said...

Beautiful! ;)