Hello World

My name is Shamus Collins. My wife came across a blog entitled "Creative Journey" by an artist named Myrna Wacknov. There is a link on that blog to another blog Myrna has created entitled "Drawn to the Mirror" and this is my point of interest. Myrna has set forth to create 365 days of self portraits that began on Jan. 1st. Well I am starting a little after the first of the year but I am going to make the same goal for myself. This sounds like a fun and inspirational way to force creativity. Let the fun begin.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

230/365 Blotted Me

Less brush strokes and more dabbing with the tip. A little spray around the edge and I actually like the effects. Something a little different with more interest. I will play with this some more.


I painted an abstract image in blue, then added the face. Finished by filling in with the orange and yellow. The portrait wasn't supposed to fit the painting. However, it ended up fitting better then I had planned. Not too crazy about the color scheme, but oh well.

228/365 Flower

This was inspired by my youngest daughters dress. Soft flowers on a white background. I just had to be a part of it.


226/365 Round Face